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A2NewTech Pitch

25 May

Finally, a somewhat legitimate explanation of SiteFog, in video.  This is the vid from A2NewTech meetup on May 18.  It is a ten minute video; 5 minute pitch, 5 min Q & A.  Low quality sound, but it is what it is.

Also, here is the link to the youtube vid, for easy distribution.

Still a very young pitch (it was three days in the making at this point), but we would love any and all feedback you have for us.


Welcome to SiteFog!

16 May

SiteFog is the brainchild of Kyle Mulka, idly spouted during a pitch session at Startup Weekend in Detroit.  In the ensuing 42 hours, the process of examining its potential has been exhilirating, tiring, and downright mind-bending.

The principles that we used to build SiteFog off of are the three points:

1- There is a market for cloud processing

2- Distributed computing systems work

3- Many millions of people use the web

Knowing these things, Kyle hypothesized that we could use Javascript to solicit an idle browser’s spare CPU cycles to accomplish small tasks.  By breaking up enormous tasks into smaller processes, we could distribute even enormous tasks over many millions of users, and accomplish them incredibly quickly.

There have been distributed computing processes before, but the real innovation is that by creating the Javascript and distributing it to websites, users will be maximizing their CPU’s ability, and helping to solve amazingly difficult programs just by passively using a website.

Since Amazon sells server space at $0.10/hour for purposes of cloud computing, we know that a market exists for this service.  Not only does the market exist, but by employing this model, we can provide nearly identical results for considerably less cost.  We have quite an advantage on a company that is maintaining all of its servers in-house.

SiteFog also offers websites a new way of monetizing its users.  We will compensate websites a portion of our sales, in return for being the channel through which we are accumulating processing.  Websites act as an aggregator for large amounts of users, and give us access to user’s PCs.

This may be an attractive monetization alternative or addition for website owners who are struggling for profitability by relying on advertising.

Vid Update

16 May

Here is a short clip of an update on what were doing, some of the challenges we faced…